Video Summary : Discovery Channel - End of the USSR Part 2

    Video Summary : Discovery Channel - End of the USSR Part 2

  • 1 Boris Yeltsin was demoted

    As Yeltsin struggled to gain more power Gorbachev demoted him to deputy construction minister. Yeltsin was humiliated and didn't manage to forgive Gorbachev. See video summary of part 1.

  • 2 The public were allowed in the parliament

    A new policy allowed 2/3 of the parliament to be formed from normal citizens. For the first time in 60 years common citizens were allowed into politics.

  • 3 Yeltsin secured a seat in the congress

    During the truly free elections new voices rose and Yeltsin managed to secure a seat in the congress. People were happy but the economic situation kept getting worse and Gorbachev was under pressure.

  • 4 The economy became worse

    The soviet people suffered more as the economy became worse. Hunger and poverty spread as a result.

  • 5 Gorbachev gained the world's support

    Gorbachev's movements gained the world's support and he became popular outside of the USSR but his local popularity plummeted. Gorbachev then announced the end of soviet interference in eastern Europe.

  • 6 Democratic movements started

    The democratic movements were sparked when the USSR stopped intervening. The democratic movement in Poland demanded free elections. The movement was a success and the first non-communist governor in 40 years was elected in Poland.

  • 7 Germany was united

    Shortly after that protests the in Berlin led to the destruction of the Berlin wall and the reunion of Germany.

  • 8 Many countries followed

    Bulgaria, Hungary and Czechoslovakia shortly followed and marked an end to communism in their countries.

  • 9 A bloody revolution happened in Romnia

    The president of Romania wanted to crush the democrats and as a result his country was led into a bloody conflict that ended by his execution.

  • 10 Communism ended in europe

    By the end of the year communism disappeared completely from Europe. Gorbachev was considered a hero outside the USSR but a radical who lost eastern Europe inside it.

  • 11 Gorbachev allowed other parties to join the goverment

    Gorbachev allowed other parties to have government offices. Yeltsin resigned from the communist party as a result.

  • 12 The Baltic states declared Independence

    Lithuania and Estonia declared their Independence from the USSR. The soviet special forces seized the TV stations in Lithuania resulting in killing 13 people.

  • 13 Clashes with the rebels

    The soviet forces clashed with the rebels in some areas and resulted in some causalities.

  • 14 Boris Yeltsin made a powerful statment

    Boris Yeltsin said that no soviet officer should take command to do something that is considered wrong. He was telling people indirectly that he is the one in control and not Gorbachev. Yeltsin then called for Gorbachev's resignation.

  • 15 people voted on the USSR

    Gorbachev gave the option to people to vote on whether the USSR should continue or not. See summary of part 3.