Video Summary : Donald Trump Full Interview - Jake Tapper - CNN 10-25-2015

    Video Summary : Donald Trump Full Interview - Jake Tapper - CNN 10-25-2015

  • 1 Jake : Why did Dr. Ben Carson win two polls at Iowa?

    Donald said that he is surprised by the numbers as he believes he did well in Iowa, however, he accepts them. Donald said that he likes Ben, but he believes he can't do what he can do, referring to himself, with trade.

  • 2 Jake : You both have disagreements on immigration issues

    Donald said that Carson is so weak on immigration while he is strong. Donald said that Carson is going to give citizenship to people who are here illegally. Donald said that Carson won't be able to do deals with China and Japan. See why some people don't Support Trump.

  • 3 Jake : Carson believes everyone must pay taxes, do you agree?

    Donald said that making everybody pay, including the poor, is a good idea, but from an administration point of view this might be a nightmare. Donald said that he knows how to administer taxes properly, and this includes making the IRS bigger than it is now. 

  • 4 Jake : Did Carson's comment about your faith affect your results?

    Jake reminded Trump of the comment Carson made when he said that one difference between him and Trump is not denying his faith in God. He also showed him some polls that showed that Trump isn't getting much support from Born-Again Christians.

  • 5 Trump : I am a believer

    Trump said that he is a believer and that he doesn't really understand the poll's results. 

  • 6 Jake : Will you have problems with Paul Ryan?

    Jake asked Trump whether he has problems with the next speaker of the house, Paul Ryan, whom he called weak on immigration. Trump said he believes Paul will win and he believes he will be able to get along with him.

  • 7 Jake : Why did you disavow Superpacs?

    Trump said that Superpacs are a scam. He said that some people raise money in his name but he doesn't know who they are or where the money goes. Trump called on all other candidates to disavow their Superpacs as well.

  • 8 Jake : Jeb Bush has concerns about you, what's your comment?

    Trump said that both Jeb Bush and Ben Carson have low energy and that the country needs someone with higher energy. Trump said that he is a better leader than Jeb Bush. Trump said that Ben Carson has even lower energy and that he is getting support in Iowa from his pacs.

  • 9 Jake : Carson criticized your deportation plan

    Trump said that those 11 million illegal citizens can come back with Visas or work permits. Trump said that other candidates are weak on immigration and that the country must either have borders or not.

  • 10 Jake : What do you think of Hillary Clinton's testimony?

    Trump said that things looked quite partisan, and that the level of hatred between republicans and democrats was unbelievable. Trump said that he has never seen that level of hatred before. Trump said this fight hurts the country and prevents money from entering it.

  • 11 Jake : Will you bring an era of bipartisanship?

    Trump said yes. He said that he is going to unify the country Barrack Obama divided. Trump said that as a businessman he learned to be on good terms with all parties.

  • 12 Jake : Hillary Clinton said that Republicans are enemies

    Trump said that seeing the other party as an enemy is a problem. He said that Hillary is an opponent but not an enemy. Trump said that Clinton made many mistakes like supporting the Iraq war, which he was clearly against, and doing nothing about the Benghazi crisis.

  • 13 Jake : A US soldier was killed by Isis

    Jake asked Trump if he would have ordered that mission, which resulted in the death of the first American soldier by ISIS. Trump said that he was totally against Iraq but he thinks the US shouldn't have left empty handed without the oil, which now belongs to ISIS which sells it to China and Iran.

  • 14 Jake : Will you order such rescue missions?

    Trump said that he might send such rescue missions, even to save non-US citizens, but he has to look into the situation. Trump said 'We are living in medieval times' and that the world has become brutal. He said that's why he wants to build the military.

  • 15 Jake : What is the Trump Doctrine?

    Trump said that the Trump Doctrine is strength and that nobody will ever mess with them. He said that the military is in a very bad state now.

  • 16 Jake : You said that the world was better with Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi

    Trump said that Libya and Iraq are now training grounds for terrorism and that things were better when Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi were there. When asked about human rights, Trump said that the situation is now way worse in Iraq and Libya than it used to be.

  • 17 Trump : The Middle East blew up around Obama and Clinton

    Trump said that the Middle East blew up around Obama and Clinton, and that the US is spending so much money there instead of focusing on solving the country's problems, such as the massive debt it has or the poor infrastructure.