Video Summary : Donald Trump Presidential speech announcement 2016

    Video Summary : Donald Trump Presidential speech announcement 2016

  • 1 Trump : We don't have victories anymore

    Trump asked when was the last time the states beat China in a trade deal. He said he beats them personally all the time. Trump asked when was the last time the US beat Japan or a US car was sold in Japan. See also why some people support Trump.

  • 2 Trump : Mexico are killing us economically

    Trump said that Mexico is not their friend and that the country is killing them and beating them economically.

  • 3 Trump : Mexico is sending its worst people

    Trump said that Mexico doesn't send them its good people but it sends them its worst people. Trump said that criminals pass the borders all the time. See why Trump wants to deport illegal immigrants.

  • 4 Trump : This gotta stop fast

    Trump said that people who cross the boarders come from different places including the middle east and that it's gotta stop fast. See why some people hate Donald Trump.

  • 5 Trump : Islamic terrorism is eating parts of the middle east

    Trump said that extremists in the middle east took the oil and became rich. Trump said that ISIS has oil and that what they don't have Iran has.

  • 6 Trump : hitting Iraq was a mistake

    Trump said that he warned earlier against the US invasion of Iraq because it's gonna destabilize the middle east and give Iran more power. Trump said that Iran is now taking over Iraq even though the US spent two Trillion dollars in Iraq. See how Trump became rich.

  • 7 Trump : 2300 Vehicle were taken by the enemy

    Trump said that each time the US gives weapons to Iraq they run away and leave them to enemies. He said he read about an incident when the army in Iraq ran and left behind 2300 vehicles. See Video Summary : Trump defends his remarks about Muslims.

  • 8 Trump : Last Quarter's GDP was the worst

    Trump said that the last Quarter's GDP was below zero and that the labor's participation rate was the worst since 1978. He said the real unemployment is from %18 to %21 percent unlike the 5% reported by other sources.

  • 9 Trump : Mexico and China has our jobs

    Trump said that Mexico and China has our jobs. Trump said that their enemies are becoming stronger and that they are getting weaker. Trump said that even the US Nuclear arsenal is so old that people aren't sure whether or not it can work.

  • 10 Trump : Obama care is a big lie and a disaster

    Trump said that yesterday it came out that costs are going up for people 29, 39, 49, and even 55%. He also said that the deductibles are so high that they became useless. See why Donald trump is famous.