Video Summary : Donald Trump and Ted Cruz Clash at the Fox Business GOP Debate

    Video Summary : Donald Trump and Ted Cruz Clash at the Fox Business GOP Debate

  • 1 Neil to Cruz : Are you natural born?

    Neil told Cruz that Donald trump thinks that he is not a natural born person as he was born in Canada by an american mother. Neil said he considers this a natural birth but Donald trump and others don't.

  • 2 Ted : The Constitution hasn't changed

    Ted said that Since September Donald Trump has been bringing this birth issue up but the Constitution hasn't changed since then. What really changed was the poll rates. See also why some people support Trump.

  • 3 Ted : That's what the constitution says

    Ted said that according to the US constitution a child born abroad to an american parent is an American Citizen. He said that John Machin was born in Panama and was eligible to run for president.

  • 4 Ted confirms the fact

    Ted said that if a person has to have two parents who were both born on US soil to quality then not only him and Marco Rubio won't be qualified but also Donald Trump won't be qualified. Ted said that Donald's mother was born in Scotland.

  • 5 Trump : Don't misrepresent how well you are doing

    Trump told Ted not to misrepresent how he is doing. He said he is winning in Iowa and that the latest 3 polls have shown that he is beating him. See also why some people hate Trump.

  • 6 Trump : It's not just me

    Trump said that many reputable constitutional attorneys , and not just him, question whether Ted should be qualified or not because he wasn't born on US soil. Trump said if it worked for him he would offer Ted the VP slot.

  • 7 Trump : Settle the lawsuit first

    Trump told Ted to finalize the lawsuit ,the democrats are going to bring, first before running to president. Trump said that the Ted is now doing a little bit better (in a sarcastic way) he said he has 4 to 5% chance.

  • 8 Ted: I am well aware of the Constitution

    Ted said that he spent his entire life defending the Constitution before the US supreme court and that he isn't going to take legal advice from Donald Trump. Trump said that Larry tribe of Harvard said so. See how Donald trump became Billionaire

  • 9 Ted : let me tell you about larry tribe

    Ted said that Larry is a left wing judicial activist who is a major Hillary Clinton supporter. Ted said that there is a reason why Hillary's supporters are echoing trumps attacks on him. Ted told trump that he will give him the VP slot if it worked for him.