Video Summary : Donald Trump defends his remarks about Muslims

    Video Summary : Donald Trump defends his remarks about Muslims

  • 1 Steve : Why Carson is going down and Fiorina is going up

    Steve referred to a recent poll that showed that Fiorina is rising while Carson is going down. Trump said that this is a temporary rise and that it will fade when people realize how bad she did in business. See how Donald Trump became rich.

  • 2 Brian : Are you afraid to lose the first position?

    Trump said that he is not afraid but certainly he likes to stay on top. Trump said that he is using his own money to finance his camp and that he won't mind if he lost but he has to give this shot his best. See why some people support Donald Trump.

  • 3 Elisabeth referred to Carson's remarks on Islam

    Elisabeth referred to Carson's statement where he said Muslims shouldn't be put in charge of this country. Trump said that this is his own opinion, referring to Carson.

  • 4 Steve : You took heat because you didn't defend the president

    Steve refereed to the fact that Trump didn't defend the president during one talk about Muslim issues. Trump said that he has no moral obligation to defend Obama and that he doesn't expect him to come to his defense. See also why Trump is so famous.

  • 5 Steve : Do you know anything about Joe the Plumber?

    Trump said that he doesn't think that the guy is a part of a plan. He said he believes he is a hard working guy with an honest mind.

  • 6 Elisabeth asks Donald Trump about the jokes said about him

    Elisabeth showed a video of some of the jokes that were told about Donald Trump during the Emmy awards. Trump said this doesn't bother him at all and that Hilary was the first one to go against Obama. See why some people don't like Donald Trump.

  • 7 Steve : You said that Obama is a Muslim

    Donald said that Obama is a Muslim and that he came from Kenya. He said that Hillary was the one who started it all. He said that Hillary is upset because of what he said