Video Summary : Donald Trump explains his immigration plan

    Video Summary : Donald Trump explains his immigration plan

  • 1 Interviewer : Marco Rubio said it can't be done

    Trump said that Marco Rubio was always in favor of amnesty. Trump said that today an illegal alien ran over a policeman three times in Texas.

  • 2 Trump : Many crimes happen because of illegal immigrants

    Trump mentioned the case of Kate from San Francisco who was shot and the retried old vet who was rapped in California. See why Donald Trump wants to Deport Illegal immigrates.

  • 3 Interviewer : How will you do the logistics?

    Trump said that the first step is building a real wall that people won't be able to bypass. He said that wall will have a door where legal people will be able to pass. Trump said that bad ones won't be able to get in.

  • 4 Trump : Illegal immigrants can come back legally

    Trump said that Illegal immigrants will have to go but they can come back legally through a system. See why some people hate Donald Trump.

  • 5 Interviewer : How do you ask 11 million people to leave?

    Trump said this can be done through a process. Trump said that there is no difference between people who cross the border for 2 days and get caught and people who cross the border for years then get caught.

  • 6 Interviewer : How will you find those people?

    Trump said that E-verify can be done to find those people easily. See also why Donald Trump is famous.

  • 7 Trump : My book is doing well because people want answers

    Trump said that his book , which has answers to the issue, is doing well because people want answers.

  • 8 Interviewer : People say that cost of the process is $600 Billion

    Trump said that people also said that the cost of the wall is $15 Billion while he will do it for $6 Billion. Trump said that Illegal immigrants cost the country between $200 Billion and $300 Billion dollars yearly.

  • 9 Interviewer : But those people are also paying taxes

    Trump said that a very small percentage of illegal immigrants pay taxes, he said it's around 5 to 10 %.  

  • 10 Interviewer : Are you gonna force people out?

    Trump said that the process will be done nicely and that they will give notices. He also said that most of the process will be automated using E-verify. See How Trump became rich.

  • 11 Trump : Illegal aliens take so many jobs

    Trump said that illegal immigrants take many Jobs and prevent citizens from finding jobs easily. He also said that work visas can be issued to those people willing to work.