Video Summary : Donald Trump's Election Night Remarks - (6-7-16)

    Video Summary : Donald Trump's Election Night Remarks - (6-7-16)

  • 1 Our campaign received more votes

    Trump said that his campaign received more votes than all other GOP campaigns. Trump said that this is an indication that people want real change. See why some people support Donald Trump.

  • 2 We are beating Hillary Clinton

    Trump said that the numbers show that his campaign is beating Clinton's campaign and that this will continue to happen. Trump said he will work hard to earn the support of those who voted for someone else.

  • 3 We are going to make money and bring jobs

    Trump said that the Trade Deal that Bernie was against will be taken care of and that the country will start to make great deals, bring money and create jobs.

  • 4 Our country will never back down

    Trump said that he is a fighter who never gives up, and that he will do the same when he becomes president. Trump said that the country will never back down and that he will fight for the sake of the people, unlike others who have special interests.

  • 5 Politicians don't want change

    Trump said that politicians don't want to change the system because this system made them rich and wealthy. He said that this is why all of them promise change but never deliver it. See also why some people hate Donald Trump.

  • 6 The Clintons made corrupt deals

    Trump said that the Clintons made many corrupt deals and got away with it. He said he will give another major speech where he will talk about their deeds. See why do some people support Hillary Clinton.

  • 7 Foreign governments financed the Clintons

    Trump said that foreign governments such as China and Russia financed the Clintons in exchange for some favorable treatment. See why Trump hates China.

  • 8 Our people lost many jobs

    Trump said that it's a shame that many of the good people in the country lost jobs because of illegal immigrants who shouldn't have been here.

  • 9 The last thing we need is Hillary

    Trump said that the country is suffering and the infrastructure is in bad condition. He said that the last thing the country wants is an extension of the Obama disaster, referring to Hillary. See why Donald Trump seems to hate Obama.

  • 10 We will put America first

    Trump said that America must be put first. He said that Hillary's foreign policy resulted in the problems in Iraq, Syria and Libya, which led to the immigration problem. He said that America must not engage in any conflict unless it's a way to ensure its direct safety.

  • 11 Hillary made Iran dominant

    Trump said that Hillary's foreign policy resulted in the creation of ISIS and the strengthening of Iran, which became a dominant country in the middle east.

  • 12 We are not going to sign bad trade deals

    Trump said that the bad deals the country signed badly affected the country and resulted in moving some of the factories to countries like Mexico. Trump said that he will only sign good trade deals, unlike what Hillary did.

  • 13 We will keep wealth in the country

    Trump said that he will take decisions to keep the wealth in the country and to protect the people. He said he will lower taxes for middle class people and businesses to help both grow. 

  • 14 We will protect jobs

    Trump said that he will protect the Jobs of all Americans by putting America first. He said they will make their own products, rebuild their own cities and take care of African american people who have been mistreated. He said that the American people will be put first again.

  • 15 We will make America great again

    Trump said they are going to make the people safe, secure and prosperous. He said they will make their communities wealthy and their cities safe. Trump said that he will make America great again. See why is Donald Trump so famous.