Video Summary : Game changers series - Bloomberg - Mark Cuban

    Video Summary : Game changers series - Bloomberg - Mark Cuban

  • 1 Mark Created

    Mark got to the internet in its early boom. He created his site which was the first site to broadcast events online.

  • 2 Mark used to sell things when he was a kid

    Mark loved selling things. He used to sell stamps and other stuff when he was a kid. He liked the fact that he can sell things and make money.

  • 3 Mark bought a bar for $15,000

    During his early years mark borrowed $15,000 to buy a bar that was for sale. The bar shortly became the best bar in town. The bar then lost its reputation after a wet T-shirt contest. Mark then moved to Dallas.

  • 4 Mark Started Microsoloutions

    Mark started Microsoloutions a company that provided software education to people during the early PC boom.The business was sold after 7 years for 6 million dollars.

  • 5 Mark Cuban started

    Mark Cuban started the site Stories about the origins of the idea are conflicting. According to one story Mark was pitched the idea by another guy only to end up doing the idea himself.

  • 6 went public

    The internet was booming at that time. went public in 1998 at a price of 18 dollars per share. The stock closed at 62.75 dollars. Mark Said he was lucky he launched such a company at such a timing.

  • 7 Yahoo bought for $5.7 billion

    Mark went to Yahoo and told them that they can either compete with them with buy them. Yahoo ended up buying for $5.7 Billion dollars.

  • 8 Mark bought Dallas mavericks

    Mark used some of the money to buy a controlling stake in Dallas mavericks. Under Mark's management the mavericks went to the playoffs for the first time in 10 years.

  • 9 Mark entered the Movie business

    After few acquisitions Mark found himself owning a fully integrated media company. Some of Mark's movies had mixed reviews while others weren't well received.

  • 10 The mavericks lost the championship

    Mark Got very disappointed when the mavericks lost the championship. He didn't leave his house for 3 weeks.

  • 11 Mark Appeared on so many shows

    Mark started appearing on so many shows including his own reality show.

  • 12 Mark's new team won the championship

    Mark assembled a new team and managed to take his team to victory this time.