Video Summary : Guy Asks Obama If He Is Happy. Watch What He Says

    Video Summary : Guy Asks Obama If He Is Happy. Watch What He Says

  • 1 Rob : Presidents are just humans

    Rob said that we think of presidents as super humans but they are just normal humans. Obama agreed. He also told Obama that most presidents age very fast.

  • 2 Rob : Are you happy?

    Obama said that he is pretty happy because he has a wonderful wife and two wonderful daughters. He said that having a healthy family is the thing that makes him happy the most.

  • 3 I have dinner with them during the week

    Obama said that he has dinner with his family at 6:30 during the week and that this makes him happy. 

  • 4 Obama : This job is extraordinary privilege

    Obama said that this is job is extraordinary privilege even though it requires a lot of hard work. He said that each morning he has the opportunity to make things a little bit better for people. See also Video Summary : Barrack Obama Victory's speech.

  • 5 Making little changes

    Obama talked about making little changes everyday such as helping someone get health care, making a small business better or improving the education system a little bit.

  • 6 Sometimes things don't change fast

    Obama said that sometimes things don't change fast because the government is big. He also said that sometimes the government screws up and he is the one who has to talk about it to the public.

  • 7 Obama : I am pretty lucky

    Obama said that it's pretty lucky to be able to serve the american people this way. See also video summary : Barrack Obama's speech at 2004 DNC convention.

  • 8 Obama : My wife thinks i am cute

    Obama said that his wife still thinks that he is pretty cute even with the grey hair.