Video Summary : How to Speed Up Any Android Phone or Tablet

    Video Summary : How to Speed Up Any Android Phone or Tablet

  • 1 Set animation scale to 0.5

    Go to settings , developer options, then change the 'window animation scale' option from 1 to 0.5.

  • 2 Change other window options

    In the same menu change the transition animation scale and the animator duration scale to 0.5 as well.

  • 3 Increasing the number slows the phon

    When the number is increased menus opens much slower. Setting the number to 5 made the phone very slow.

  • 4 Use the built in task killer

    Press on the home button until a menu shows ups. Click on the left most icon, another menu will show. Click on the top left most icon to get access  to the task killer. Kill unneeded tasks.

  • 5 Use developer options to kill programs

    You can chose the option to kill apps automatically if they were kept open. The option is called 'do not keep activities'.

  • 6 Limit background process

    From developer options you can also choose to limit the number of background process running at the same time. Don't choose less than 4 processes else you might affect the way your phone runs.

  • 7 Clear Ram

    press on the home button then press on the left most icon when it appears. A new menu will be shown. Click on the second icon from the right and you will be given a chance to clear the ram.

  • 8 Keep an eye on the running processes

    Pull the top menu down with your thumb to see the top menu. This menu should show the current running apps as well. See also why some people hate Android.