Video Summary : Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Brexit (HBO)

    Video Summary : Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Brexit (HBO)

  • 1 The purpose of the EU

    John said that the EU was formed after World War II to prevent the EU countries from fighting among each other again. Later on, this became an economic union as well.

  • 2 Britain always had a distant relationship with the EU

    John said that Britain always had an arm's length relationship with the EU. John said that the UK didn't use the euro and some UK politicians made aggressive remarks about the EU.

  • 3 Not wanting to send money to the EU

    John said that many supporters of Brexit used the argument that the UK sends lots of money every year to the EU. The supporters of Brexit believed the UK sends 350 pounds a week to the EU. John said that the correct number is actually around 190 million pounds a week.

  • 4 John: Leaving the EU will cost more

    John said that for Britain to access the EU markets after leaving, it will have to pay more than the amount of money it currently pays for the EU. See why many people support Brexit.

  • 5 Many people warned against the exit

    John said that the benefits of leaving might be overstated. He said that many people and countries warned against leaving such as Barrack Obama, China, Japan, India and the EU itself.

  • 6 Leaving the EU will affect UK's GDP

    John said that many entities including the British Treasury, the Bank of England, THE IMF, OECD and more said that leaving the EU will negatively impact the UK's GDP.

  • 7 The UKIP supports leaving

    John said that the UK Independence party (UKIP) are among the main supporters of Brexit. John said that this party is known for its negative opinion towards immigration and that it even had incidents of racism.

  • 8 UKIP arguments

    The UKIP argues that when Britain leaves the EU, more jobs will be available to Britain, as immigration will be controlled and the country will be safer, as non-EU immigrants will find it hard to come in. 

  • 9 John: Even Brexit couldn't allow this

    John argued that even after Brexit, the country will still have to accept many rules set by the EU, including free move of labor and capital, in order to maintain the trade relationships.

  • 10 The UK is annoyed at Europe

    John pointed out that some people were always annoyed at European countries because of racism, and that Brexit was their chance.

  • 11 The UK needs the EU

    John said that even though there is some kind of hatred towards the EU from some UK citizens, the UK still needs the EU and it will lose a lot if it left.