Video Summary : Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook Story Part 2

    Video Summary : Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook Story Part 2

  • 1 Narrator : Facebook creation is a myth

    The narrator said that the creation of Facebook was surrounded by mysterious events and lawsuits. She said through this video they will try to get to know more about Mark Zuckerberg, See was Facebook Mark's idea.  

  • 2 Narrator talked about the Social Network movie

    The narrator talked about the social network movie and how it showed that Mark Zuckerberg betrayed many of his friends along the way, See how Mark Zuckerberg came up with the idea of Facebook.

  • 3 Interviewer : Was the movie hard to watch for you?

    Mark said it was fun. he said they got many things right such as his clothes but they also got many things wrong such as his motivation to start Facebook , which is to attract girls, according to the movie. Mark said he already had a girl friend before Facebook.

  • 4 Interviewer : I got two reactions about

    The interviewer told Mark that some people say he is a great entrepreneur while the other reaction isn't so flattering. Mark said some people knew that the movie had many wrong things while some others watched the movie and got inspired.

  • 5 The interviewer interviewed the Winklevoss Twins

    The Winklevoss Twins said that Facebook was originally their idea as they wanted to make a private social network for Harvard and then they brought mark to code it but he betrayed them.

  • 6 Narrator : the Winklevoss twins sued Facebook

    The Narrator said that the twins sued facebook and the case was settled for $65 million dollars. She also said that Winklevoss twins claimed Facebook deceived them with improper valuation of their stock.

  • 7 The Winklevoss twins talked about betrayel

    The the Winklevoss twins talked about how it felt to discover all of a sudden that they were betrayed by Mark Zuckerberg who took their idea. They said suing Facebook was about principle not money and that they use Facebook.

  • 8 Interviewer : Why the Winklevoss twins are suing you?

    Mark said that they had a separate idea different From Facebook , which is a dating site for Harvard, and that he decided to help them not to work for them. Mark said this is one of the parts the movie got wrong and that he only gave the case 2 weeks of his time, See how Mark spends his day.

  • 9 Interviewer : How do you grade yourself as a CEO?

    Mark said we made a huge number of mistakes. He said one of the things he did right was not selling to yahoo for $1 billion where as many people thought he should sell at that time.

  • 10 Interviewer : Are you ever going to have an IPO?

    Mark Zuckerberg said he sees the IPO as a good opportunity and not the end like many other CEO's see it.