Video Summary: Robert Downey Jr full interview: star walks out when asked about past

    Video Summary: Robert Downey Jr full interview: star walks out when asked about past

  • 1 Krishnan: Do you feel you have to carry the Iron Man movies in a way that you don't

    Robert said that it's just a matter of schedule and that he is not responsible for the narrative. Robert also said that he likes all the other folks and this helps a lot.

  • 2 Krishnan: Were you a super hero fan as a child?

    Robert said that as a western, this is a part of the kid culture. He said he wasn't a nerd about it, but the superheroes in comics back then influenced him.

  • 3 Krishnan: Iron Man is arrogant in an appealing way, is that what you brought to it?

    Robert said that Iron Man's personality was inherent in the comics and that Stan Lee, the creator of Iron Man, was always pressured to come up with new characters.

  • 4 Krishnan: What difference do you think it makes that Iron Man is self-made?

    Robert that said Iron Man is an arms dealer, and the idea that he has to invent things to save his own life is a kind of new myth to him.

  • 5 Krishnan: Could you explain the idea behind Altron?

    Robert said that the idea behind a team like this is for the team to retire because pretty soon one or more of them is going to get bumped. Robert said that Tony was thinking how he can put aside a business while still keeping a bouncer at the door of our vulnerable planet.

  • 6 Krishnan: And that's why he does what everybody fears, unleash this monster?

    Robert said that the idea wasn't to unleash the monster, but that The Age of Ultron has so many cool twists and that he appreciates the complexity of it.

  • 7 Krishnan: What do you think of the obvious parallels being made between you and Iron Man?

    Robert said that he is more like the first Iron Man but now he is not like him. Robert said that he didn't think he is like Tony Stark, but he believed he is like his persona. Robert added 'None of us are like our personas'.

  • 8 Krishnan: But he is becoming a more likable man in a way that you are, I suppose?

    Robert replied saying 'Yes, sure'.

  • 9 Krishnan: I want to ask you about something you said in The New York Times in the past

    Krishnan asked Robert what he meant when he said 'You can't go from a $2000/night hotel suite to a penitentiary and understand it then come out as a liberal'. Robert replied, saying that he said that years ago and that it's normal for one's opinion to change over the years.

  • 10 Krishnan: Does that mean you are not a liberal?

    Robert said that he wouldn't back peddle on anything he said, and that he won't say whether he is a republican, a liberal or a democrat. Robert said that this was his opinion at that time, and the nice thing about opinions is that they change.

  • 11 Krishnan: Do you think you are free of the past?

    Krishnan asked Robert about his past, his relationship with his father and his history with drugs. Robert got offended by the question and asked 'What are we doing?' then he left his chair.