Video Summary : Siege of Leningrad: 872 days of hunger and bombardment

    Video Summary : Siege of Leningrad: 872 days of hunger and bombardment

  • 1 The siege lasted for 872 days

    The siege of Leningrad , modern day San Petersburg, lasted for 872 days. Death became a routine to the extent that in winter 41 to 42 just collapsed and died on the streets.

  • 2 The German plan

    The Natzies planned to bomb the city and starve its population to death.

  • 3 People were buried into mass graves

    During that time bodies were seen carried on the street all the time and they were buried in mass graves because people didn't have the energy to dig a grave.

  • 4 A survivor talked about the death of her aunt

    A survivor explained how she found her aunt lying in the street dead. She said it was her first time to see a dead person.

  • 5 Temperature was -40

    The temperature went as low as -40 in winter. The water supply got frozen as a result. People used to go to the frozen river to collect water from holes in it. People used to wander in the streets carrying empty buckets.

  • 6 Signs of cannibalism started showing

    As a result of the low food supply signs of cannibalism started showing up. Some bodies were found missing certain pieces. Children were kidnapped and eaten.

  • 7 People heard the Metronome all the time

    The sound of the Leningrad Metronome was heard all the time. It signaled people to either retreat or to avoid air bombing.

  • 8 A survivor explained how her sister was saved

    A survivor explained how her little sister was about to die from the cold. She was only saved when they discovered a tea box and managed to give her some warm tea. See also video summary : 1943 - world war II.