Video Summary : Steve Jobs talks about marketing - Introduces the think different campaign

    Video Summary : Steve Jobs talks about marketing - Introduces the think different campaign

  • 1 Jobs: To me marketing is about values

    Steve said that because the world is too noisy , and that people don't remember much about companies, they need to be very clear about they want them to remember about Apple.

  • 2 Jobs : Apple is one of the best brands in the world

    Jobs said that Apple is one of the top brands in the worlds which including Nike, Disney and Coke. Steve said that even great brands need investment to retain this position and that Apple's brand suffered from neglect in the past years.

  • 3 Jobs We can't bring back Apple by talking about Speeds or prices

    Steve said that the got milk campaign was very successful even though it didn't focus on the product. He said bringing Apple back isn't about talking about prices or megahertz.

  • 4 Jobs : One of the great examples of marketing is Nike

    Jobs said that although Nike sells a commodity still people respect the brand. Jobs said that Nike never talks about their products in their ads but they just honor great athletes.

  • 5 Jobs : The customers must know what is Apple

    Jobs said that now Apple works with one of the best agencies in the world and that the customers need to know what is Apple and what it stands for (See why was Apple named Apple).

  • 6 Jobs : This is Apple's core value

    Jobs said that Apple's core value is believing that people with passion can really change the world to the better.

  • 7 Jobs : We will get back to that core value

    Jobs said that marketing has changed totally in the last decade and that the first thing Apple will do now is get back to their core value by doing branding correctly.

  • 8 Jobs : Here is how we plan to communicate it

    Jobs said that he has something today that shows how Apple honors those people who changed the world. Jobs also added that if some of those people ever used a computer it would certainly be a Mac.

  • 9 Jobs : started showing people the think different campaign

    The think different campaign was played. See references below for a separate link for the video (See why the Think different campaign was successful).