Video Summary : Taylor Swift Barbra Walters Interview | Barbra Walters Most Fascinating People | ABC News

    Video Summary : Taylor Swift Barbra Walters Interview | Barbra Walters Most Fascinating People | ABC News

  • 1 Barbra mentioned some facts about Taylor swift

    Barbra said that Taylor's parents named her after James Taylor, her fans are called swifties and that one magazine headline said that Taylor swift is the Music industry. Barbra said that the '1989 album' by Taylor sold 1 million copies in the first week and was the only album to go platinum in 2014.

  • 2 Barbra: Are you worried that you would lose some of the country fans?

    Barabra asked Taylor if she is worried because this is the first album she releases that consists of only pop songs. Taylor said that she is in touch with her fans and that she knows what they like and that they were afraid she would stop writing smart and emotional lyrics.

  • 3 Barbra: Taylor's success is related to how she connects with her fans

    In a cut scene, Barbra said that Taylor's fans see themselves in her and that she sees herself in them. Barbra said to Taylor that she is the only one she knows who invites fans to her house and asked her if she still does that.

  • 4 Taylor: Yes, I decided to play an album to the fans long before it came out

    A cut scene showed Taylor in her house celebrating with her fans and Taylor said that she likes to connect with her fans because it makes her life manageable and makes her feel normal.

  • 5 Barbra: Is your life at all normal?

    Taylor answered with 'No'. Taylor said that when she sees normal people on Instagram describing how they spent their days, she gets reminded of the normal life and that it's the only thing that makes her stop feeling overwhelmed by the abnormality of her life.

  • 6 Barbra: What's the most abnormal thing about your life?

    Taylor said that the most abnormal thing is having crowds form everywhere she goes and that forces her to take security everywhere. She said that all of a sudden she realizes that she has not been truly alone for 5 years.

  • 7 Barbra: Taylor started her career when she was 16

    During a cut scene, Barbra said that Taylor started her career when her first country album was successful when she was 16. Barbra said that since then, Taylor won almost every musical award. Barbra said that some of Taylor's songs deal with the problems of growing up and relationships.

  • 8 Taylor talked about how people see women who share their experience by writing

    Taylor said that if a guy shares his experience in writing, he is brave but if a woman did it then she is over sharing, over emotional or might be crazy. Barbra said in a cut scene that as Taylor got popular so did her boyfriends (referring to the men in her videos).

  • 9 Taylor: When I moved to New York the main theme in my romantic songs changed

    Taylor said that when she moved to New York love, heart breaks and all the themes that used to be main factors in her music kinda faded to the background. Taylor said love is very interesting to her as a writer but not as a woman right now.

  • 10 Taylor: I am just very happy and I am very protective of that

    Taylor said that she is very happy, referring to the fact that she is single, and that she is very protective of that. The interview ended with a cut scene featuring a live performance of Taylor Swift while singing Welcome to New York.