Video Summary : Trump: Cross-section of Muslims 'have animosity' for U.S.

    Video Summary : Trump: Cross-section of Muslims 'have animosity' for U.S.

  • 1 Greta : You asked to prevent Muslims from entering the USA?

    Donald said yes. He also said that the president didn't want to address the real problem.

  • 2 Trump : 51% wants to be governed with the sharia law

    Trump said that the polls have shown that 25% of people believe that violence against Americans is justified and that 51% of Muslims want to be governed with the sharia law. See also why some people hate Donald Trump.

  • 3 Greta : What about US officers who are Muslims?

    Trump said that under the name of political correctness many people refuse to address the real problem of Muslims. See also Trump defending his remarks about Muslims.

  • 4 Trump : people who are already here will stay

    Trump said that the Muslims who are already here will stay but it will be hard to get new ones in. Trump said that polls have shown that there is a tremendous animosity. Trump said there is a large cross section of Muslims who have animosity for the US.

  • 5 Trump : Obama doesn't have a clue

    Trump said that Obama is doing nothing about the problem and that he doesn't have a clue.

  • 6 Greta : What did your statement mean

    Trump said that Muslims must be shutdown from entering the US until the problem is figured out.

  • 7 Greta : What about candidates who don't like your statements?

    Trump said that Jeb Bush won't win, that Chris Christie should worry about the Geroge Washignton bridge and the 11 downgrades of the state of New Jersey while kasich is one of the worst people who do debates.

  • 8 Greta : Why your numbers are up 8 percent?

    Greta showed a Poll where trump got 33% which is almost 8% percent higher than earlier polls. Trump said his numbers go up because people want protection and strength because they feel left out.

  • 9 Trump : I am not surprised with the numbers

    Trump said he is not surprised to see himself doing well as the people feel that their leaders are clueless about so many of the nation's problems. See why some people support Donald Trump.