Video Summary : Trump defends Muslim ban proposal (Part 1)

    Video Summary : Trump defends Muslim ban proposal (Part 1)

  • 1 Chris : You have turned most people against you

    Chris told Donald Trump that most people are now against him because of his remarks about banning Muslims. Trump said that people forget about terrorist attacks including 9/11 and California attacks. He said the US has no choice but to do so. See what Islam says about killing.

  • 2 Chris : You want to ban an entire religion

    Chris told trump that he is going against the freedom of America by wanting to Ban an Entire religion. Chris told trump that he is acting out of fear. Chris told Trump that Paris isn't acting out of fear and that's why they didn't ban Muslims. See why some people hate Trump.

  • 3 Trump : It's a temporary situation

    Trump said that it's going to be a temporary situation until officials find out what's going on. Trump said that some people already knew about what's going to happen in California but they didn't want to report it not to be considered racist.

  • 4 Trump : We shouldn't try to be politically correct

    Trump said that trying to be politically correct can be the reason for defending Muslims and that this can lead to more events like 9/11. See Donald trump speaks about Muslims.

  • 5 Chris : You are making us what ISIS wants

    Chris told Trump that his remarks can make America seem like it wants a war against Islam which is totally incorrect. Trump said that the US is at war with Radical Islamists. Trump said that the email scandal has shown the US officials don't even want to use the term.

  • 6 Chris : You showed on the paper like Hilter

    Chris told Trump that his habit of throwing notions without proofs is what got him on the front page of a newspaper that portrayed him like Hitler.

  • 7 Trump referred to a recent poll

    Trump referred to a poll that showed that 25% of Muslims living in the states believe that violence against Americans is justified. See why do some Muslims kill non Muslims

  • 8 Chris answers Trump about the Poll

    Chris told trump that the organization behind the poll is led by a person who was banned from the conservative circle because of his conspiracy theory. Chris told Trump that he already knows that.

  • 9 Trump : 51% of Muslims want sharia law

    Trump said that 51% of Muslims in the states want to be governed according to the sharia law.

  • 10 Chris : Banning Muslims will hurt America

    Chris said that security experts say that the idea of banning Muslims will never help and will only hurt America. Trump said that many smart people backed him. Chris told trump that those were already his people. See also Trumps Remarks about Muslims.