Video Summary : What are some effective techniques for building links - Matt Cutts

    Video Summary : What are some effective techniques for building links - Matt Cutts

  • 1 Question from India: How to build links organically

    Pulkit from India asked for methods that can help webmasters build links organically, in addition to building great content.

  • 2 Matt: Controversy is one of the link bait ideas that works

    Matt said that controversy is one method that can help in building links. He also said that he believes it's the worst method because it's not a good idea to attack people all the time. He said it might be good to use controversy every now and then and not very frequently.

  • 3 Matt: One of the best ways is participating in a community

    Matt said that one of the best ways to build links is to participate in a community. Matt said that if you can provide great answers to some questions then putting your link at the end might be a good idea, as it will help people discover your great content.

  • 4 Matt: Original research can help you get links

    Matt said that if you did even little work researching something then you are very likely to get good links. Matt referred to a research Danny Sullivan did about spam emails and said that it's a good example of a research that attracted many links. See why people link to other sites.

  • 5 Matt: Use newsletters

    Matt said that newsletters can help people see your content, which can drive traffic to the site and increase the likelihood of getting inks.

  • 6 Matt: Use social media

    Matt said that if people spend 5 hours of their day on Facebook then it might be a good idea to spend some time on Facebook as well. See optimizing internal links.

  • 7 Matt: Listed posts can bring back-links

    Matt said that listed posts such as '50 ways to get back-links' can sometimes work, but they tend to lose their effect as time passes. See why the brain likes listed posts.

  • 8 Matt: Create a Blog

    Matt Cutts said that there is no excuse for a company not to have a Blog. Matt said that a person should establish himself as an authority in order to get more links.

  • 9 Matt: How-to and tutorial articles are a good idea

    Matt said that how-to articles and tutorials are good ways of getting some back-links. Matt said that even though those posts might not get a ton of links, those few links might still be more than enough to help you rank well for that long tail keyword.

  • 10 Matt: Run a service or create a free product

    Matt said that another good way of getting back-links is running a service or distributing a free product. He gave the example of Firefox extensions, Wordpress and Chrome extensions.

  • 11 Matt: Make sure your site has good architecture

    Matt said that many people forget to make their site crawable, make it hard to be bookmarked and don't always allow Google to easily reach all the pages on the site. Matt said that you need to make it easy to link to your site or to individual blog posts.

  • 12 Matt: Make a few videos

    Matt said that videos can bring some back-links, especially if they are useful and enjoyable.