Video summary : Steve Jobs Insult Response

    Video summary : Steve Jobs Insult Response

  • 1 Someone asked Steve a bad question

    A member of the audience asked Steve Jobs a question containing an insult based on another question that someone asked 45 minutes ago.

  • 2 You can please some people for some time

    Jobs started by referring to the quote about how hard it is to please all people all the time.

  • 3 The hardest thing when trying to create change

    Jobs said that the hardest thing when someone tries to create change is that there will be other people, such as the person who asked the question, who have different opinions. See how did Jobs start Apple.

  • 4 How those ideas can lead to $8 billion a year

    Jobs said that a person can demonstrate such ideas, referring to the opposing ones, by creating demos and commercial products but how can they allow a person to sell a product for $8 billion a year?

  • 5 Start with customer experience

    Jobs said that the right thing to do is to start with customer experience and work back to the technology instead of doing the opposite. Jobs said that he made that mistake many times before.

  • 6 Apple started with that vision

    Jobs said that Apple started with the vision of providing incredible benefit to the customer. Jobs said that they didn't consider their technology back then nor try to figure out how to market it, but instead they thought of the customer.

  • 7 Jobs talked about Apple's laser printer

    Jobs said that when Apple came up with the laser printer it didn't focus on telling people about the technology but it focused on showing people the quality of pictures printed. Why Apple has very high quality standards.

  • 8 So many people are working hard at Apple

    Jobs said that some people are working very hard at Apple to execute that strategy. He said that mistakes will happen along the way and get fixed, but at least decisions are being made.

  • 9 Things will get better

    Jobs said that things will get better with disregard to the mistakes being made. 

  • 10 We need to support our team

    Jobs said that people are working hard at Apple and they need to be supported to be able to create great products. See also the greatest achievements of Steve Jobs.