Was Facebook Mark Zuckerberg's idea

    Was Facebook Mark Zuckerberg's idea

  • 1 Social networking sites already existed back then

    Facebook wasn't the first social networking site back then as there were many other social networks. The most popular were Friendster and Myspace

  • 2 Mark Zuckerberg invented Facesmash

    Facesmash , a site that compares people to others based on their looks, was invented by Mark Zuckerberg. It was the seed that led to the invention of Facebook.

  • 3 The Winklevoss twins said it's their own idea

    The Winklevoss twins, 2 Harvard seniors, said that mark deceived them by taking their own idea which was supposed to be called Harvardconnection.com and instead created Facebook.

  • 4 The Winklevoss twins showed email evidence

    The Winklevoss twins showed emails that proof that Mark was working on an idea that they told him about.

  • 5 Mark Claimed it's his own idea

    Mark Zuckerberg claimed that Facebook was his own idea and that he created a separate product for himself that is not related to the one he was asked to create (See how Mark Zuckerberg Came up with Facebook).

  • 6 Facebook was sued for the stolen idea

    Connectu, which was originally named harvardconnection, sued Mark Zuckerberg for stealing their idea of a social network. According to wikipedia the case was settled for a reported $65 million. 

  • 7 The settlement of the case made people believe that the idea was stolen

    The settlement of the case had led many people to believe that Facebook wasn't Mark Zuckerberg's idea and that it was the Winklevoss twins' idea.

  • 8 According to Game changers Facebook isn't Mark's idea

    According to Game changers , a documentary series made by bloomberg, Facebook wasn't Mark's idea and he just took the Winklevoss twins' idea.