10 ways driving can make you stressed

    10 ways driving can make you stressed

  • 1 You lack freedom

    When walking, you know that you can go in any direction you want at any time, but when driving a car you feel that you are stuck because you are forced to move in certain routes. This results in some feelings of stress.

  • 2 You will worry about finding a parking spot

    Drivers usually worry about finding a good parking spot. This makes driving a bit more stressful.

  • 3 You will worry about the safety of the car

    Whether you notice it or not, a part of your brain will be worried about the safety of the car. Because some of the resources of your brain will be allocated to that process, stress is very likely to occur.

  • 4 You might keep thinking about refueling

    If the fuel is about to run out, your mind will become occupied with finding the next fuel station. Whenever your thoughts become focused on something, stress is very likely to occur when anything interrupts you.

  • 5 Your brain's resources will be locked

    A part of your brain's resources will be focused on the driving process. This will leave less resources for you to think about important issues and problems, and thus stress will arise.

  • 6 Traffic jams lead to frustration

    If you have to stop in traffic jams then there is a very big chance that you will get frustrated. Add this to the other factors and it will become clear why driving can be very stressful.

  • 7 Your mind can hardly wander

    Because you have to stay focused on traffic lights, pedestrians and your car's speed meter, your mind will hardly wander. These restrictions increase stress and make it hard for the brain to relax.

  • 8 Guilt

    If you take the car instead of walking a small distance then you might feel guilty because walking could have burned you some calories. This happens mostly with people who are on a diet or want to lose weight.

  • 9 The behaviour of other drivers

    The reckless behaviour of other drivers can make you stressed, frustrated and angry. Even when you do everything right, there might still be another driver who makes you stressed because of his recklessness.

  • 10 Worrying about the papers

    If your driving licence is expired, if you parked in a wrong place or if you are afraid to get a ticket for any reason then this will add to your stress.