Ways to stay warm in winter

  • 1 Keep your body warm

    Instead of turning up the heater, wear another layer of clothing so as to raise your body temperature which is more effective in providing you with warmth. 

  • 2 Wear a hat

    Wearing a hat or beanie inside and outside your house will keep you warm, as covering up any exposed area protects your body from losing its heat. 

  • 3 Turn on the ceiling fan

    Turning on the ceiling fan on a low setting and in clockwise direction will bring down the warm air that usually goes up to the ceiling. 

  • 4 Alternate between hot and cold water

    Alternating between hot and cold water in the shower will improve blood circulation and keep you warmer. 

  • 5 Use the oven

    Baking or using the oven when cooking will keep you and your house full of heat and warmth. 

  • 6 Leave space between the wall

    Instead of pushing your bed directly against the wall, leave some room between the bed and the wall which will make you feel warmer. 

  • 7 Stop shivering

    Try to stop yourself from shivering, as it signals to your body that you're freezing and need to move to a warmer place. See also Why some people hate winter

  • 8 Drink something warm

    Drinking soothing, warm beverages will raise your core temperature and keep you warm. 

  • 9 Wear thick socks

    Wearing thick or woolen socks will keep your body temperature from seeping through your limbs. 

  • 10 Stay active

    Staying active through running, dancing, jumping or exercising will heat up your body and keep you warm. See also Why some people prefer winter over summer

  • 11 Light candles

    Lighting some candles around your house will make you feel warm. 

  • 12 Cover the floor

    Cover any bare floors with a carpet or rug, as its coldness will spread to your body if you walk on it during winter. 

  • 13 Hang curtains

    Hang curtains over the windows in your house to block any drafts of air that come in. 

  • 14 Let the sun in

    During the day, open up the curtains so as to allow natural light come into the house and warm it up. 

  • 15 Eat hot and spicy foods

    Eating hot and spicy foods will warm your body up, in addition to giving you the needed energy.