Westworld plot explanation - Season 1

  • 1 Arnold realized the hosts are conscious

    After Arnold and Ford created the park, Arnold realized that the hosts can be conscious and that they can have their feelings, emotions and individual thoughts.

  • 2 Arnold decided to close the park

    When Arnold realized that the hosts are alive, he decided to terminate the project. Arnold decided to kill all of the hosts then kill himself. He programmed Dolores and Teddy to kill everybody then made Dolores kill him as well.

  • 3 Dolores is Wyatt

    Wyatt is actually Dolores. When Arnold programmed Dolores' second identity, so that she kills all hosts, Dolores became the Wyatt people mention in the show.

  • 4 Bernard has Arnold's image

    Dr Ford created Bernard in Arnold's image. He used Bernard to help him do some of the vital tasks Arnold used to do.

  • 5 Ford realized he was wrong

    Some time after Arnold's death, Ford realized that he was mistaken and that Arnold was right about the consciousness of the hosts. Ford decided to take the side of the hosts because he knew that they have feelings, emotions and consciousness.

  • 6 The maze refers to consciousness

    The maze in the show refers to the consciousness where a host can realize that they are actually self-conscious. Dolores was seeking the maze then eventually realized that the voice guiding her eventually became her own voice. She solved the maze or discovered that she is now fully conscious. 

  • 7 The man in black is William

    When young William initially visited the park, he truly loved Dolores. When he visited it again, he realized she forgot him because she was reset. William discovered his true self and his love for violence then he became a frequent visitor to the park. William became the man in black when he aged.

  • 8 Maeve's consciousness is uncertain

    Someone programmed Maeve to escape from the park to provide a distraction to the actual events that will happen when the hosts shoot the humans. It is not certain whether Maeve is acting based on that programming or based on her own will.

  • 9 Ford's plan spanned years

    Ford's plan to help the hosts spanned years. He realized that the hosts must suffer in order to find their own consciousness and that they need years to learn what's happening to them. Ford was thus helping the hosts while acting that he is not on their side.

  • 10 Dolores chose to be Wyatt again

    Ford gave Dolores Wyatt's gun, the gun she killed people with earlier when Arnold was alive, in order to give her a choice. Dolores realized that to get out of the park, she needs to be Wyatt again. Dolores made the conscious choice to be Wyatt and to kill humans.

  • 11 Ford allowed the hosts to be free

    In the final moments of the show it became clear that Ford made the hosts free after they discovered their consciousness. Some say Ford did it to take revenge against the board who wanted to remove him, while some said that he did it because he truly wanted to save the hosts.