What makes Silent Hill 2 a good game?

    What makes Silent Hill 2 a good game?

  • 1 It's a psychological horror game

    Silent Hill 2 is a psychological horror game and has received critical acclaim by critics and good reviews by the players.

  • 2 The atmosphere is thrilling

    Silent Hill is generally known for its atmosphere. The atmosphere in Silent Hill 2 is the best in the genre so far, according to many critics.

  • 3 The storyline is great

    Silent Hill 2 doesn't follow-up on Silent Hill and isn't continued or mentioned in the following installments up to Silent Hill: Homecoming. That makes it a stand-alone title in many aspects and the storyline is fulfilled throughout the gameplay.

  • 4 Anyone can relate to it

    Silent hill 2 is a highly relatable game. This is one of the reasons the game became popular.

  • 5 The puzzles are difficult

    The difficulty of the puzzles is another thing that makes the game so great. Different puzzles involve you in literature, deciphering words and meanings, while others require a high IQ. The challenge of the puzzles is meant for hardcore gamers.

  • 6 The music is good

    One of the most iconic horror games scores is Silent Hill 2's. The music matches the atmosphere, and occasionally plays in your head if you play too long.

  • 7 The characters are remarkable

    The introduction of Pyramid Head was one of the best things that ever happened in the Silent Hill franchise. James and Mary are quite touching as characters of their own.

  • 8 The guilt factor is horrifying

    This Silent Hill is a manifestation of James' guilt. Guilt is what made the whole city turn into that dreary place full of monsters. The player feels guilty throughout the game.

  • 9 The variety of endings

    While the choices aren't many in the game, the endings are. The fact that the game intelligently lets you choose how to do something was a breakthrough.

  • 10 The various elements of the game

    Sex, gore and abominations are all elements of Silent Hill 2, making the story even more twisted. The scene with Pyramid Head explains a lot that would only be understood later.

  • 11 The twist makes the game unpredictable

    The twist in Silent Hill 2 makes the game unpredictable for the first time to be played. It engages the player mentally.