What a Snake bite does to your body

    What a Snake bite does to your body

  • 1 Instant coagulation

    The venom of some snakes , such as the Russell's viper, resulted in almost instant coagulation of blood when it was mixed with it in an experiment.

  • 2 Damage to the pituitary gland

    Around 30% of the people who survived the bite of the Russell's viper had their pituitary gland affected in such a way that they lose their sex drive, fertility, body hair, and sometimes have cognitive problems as well.

  • 3 Respiratory paralysis

    The venom of proteroglyphous snakes usually targets the nervous system. Respiratory paralysis can happen as the venom affects the nerves controlling the respiratory process.

  • 4 Prostration

    The bites of Vipers usually cause prostration. The person usually feels dizzy and weak as a result.

  • 5 The pulse becomes extremely feeble

    According to wikipedia Venom's of vipers can make the pulse extremely feeble.

  • 6 Intoxicating blood cells

    The venom of some snakes , such as the twig snake, can intoxicate the blood cells and causing thinning of blood. This can lead to blood loss from all body openings and as a result the person might die because of loss of blood.

  • 7 Internal bleeding

    The venom of some snakes ,such as the boomslang's venom, can lead to internal bleeding and the person might die from brain hemorrhage.

  • 8 Vomiting and diarrhea

    The venom's of vipers are very likely to cause vomiting and diarrhea.

  • 9 A person may go into coma

    The venom of some snakes , especially vipers, can result in an induced coma. See what does it feel like to be in a coma.

  • 10 The limb suppurates

    The color of the affected limb can change and it usually suppurates as a result of being injected with the Venom of vipers. Pus can be discharged as a result.

  • 11 Attack the heart muscle

    Some venoms such as the hemotoxic venom attack the heart muscle and can cause death as a result.

  • 12 Tissue death

    Some venoms , such as Cytotoxic venom, can cause tissue death. This can lead the need of the amputation of the affected limb.

  • 13 Skin infections

    If the bite included some of the snake's saliva then this can cause various types of infection if the snake was carrying certain microbes.

  • 14 Localized bleeding

    Many snake bites cause localized bleeding in the affected area.

  • 15 Nervous system problems

    If the person was attacked by venom that targets the nervous system he might have problems with vision, problems speaking in addition to other wide array of symptoms. See how to survive a snake bite.