What are the benefits of being a morning person

  • 1 It makes you more productive

    Being a morning person allows you to become more productive and get many things done throughout the day. 

  • 2 It makes you healthier

    Waking up early in the morning after a good night's sleep will nourish your body and improve your overall health, as the body is designed to wake up with early daylight. 

  • 3 You have more time alone

    Being a morning person can allow a person to spend more time by themselves, especially if they're living with people who don't wake up early. 

  • 4 It makes you more energetic

    Starting your day early, especially if you have a good night's sleep the day before, will make you more energetic instead of feeling lethargic when waking up late. 

  • 5 There are less distractions

    Waking up very early in the morning allows you to get things done with fewer distractions around you. 

  • 6 You have more free time

    Being a morning person gives you more free time to spend time with friends and family as opposed to a busy day after waking up late. 

  • 7 You have time to exercise

    Many people often cite not having enough time as a reason for their lack of exercise. Waking up early in the morning will you allow you to have more time to exercise before starting your busy day. 

  • 8 You have time for breakfast

    Many people don't have breakfast in the morning because they don't have time. Waking up early gives you more time to prepare breakfast instead of skipping the most important meal of the day. See why some people don't have breakfast

  • 9 You become more self-disciplined

    Leading a healthy lifestyle and sticking to a certain morning routine allows you to become more self-disciplined and have more control over your life. 

  • 10 It makes you happier

    According to a study, morning people felt happier and healthier than night-owls. See how does staying up late affect your health?

  • 11 There are lower chances of feeling stressed

    According to a study done in University of London, people who wake up early in the morning (by 7 am) have lower chances of feeling stressed and depressed. 

  • 12 You feel more positive

    Being a morning person means you have time to go after your dreams and stick to your plans, which results in feeling more positive and optimistic. See why some people hate to wake up early

  • 13 You will sleep better

    Waking up early in the morning means you will be tired and ready to sleep at night, which will allow you to sleep well during the night. 

  • 14 You are less likely to oversleep

    Being a morning person means you are less likely to oversleep and miss an important appointment since you wake up early regardless of your daily schedule.