What are the benefits of chocolate

  • 1 Reduces the risk of heart failure

    A Swedish study that lasted for 9 years showed that those who ate 1 to 2 servings of dark chocolate per week were less likely do experience heart failure. 

  • 2 Lowers blood pressure

    A study published in Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews showed that people who ate dark chocolate had reduced blood pressure. 

  • 3 Increases happiness

    Chocolate releases the happiness hormone, dopamine, which makes people feel relaxed and satisfied after eating chocolate. 

  • 4 Releases endorphins

    Consuming chocolate leads to the increase of the body's endorphin levels, which is considered a natural pain-killer. 

  • 5 Can lead to weight loss

    Researches found that dark chocolate provides a feeling of fullness, which in turn decreases the craving of sweet food, leading to weight loss

  • 6 Reduces stress

    Swiss scientists found that consuming dark chocolate lowers the levels of stress. 

  • 7 May protect against the sun

    Studies found that consuming dark chocolate helps with the flow of blood to the skin; thus protecting it from the potential harmful effects of sun exposure. 

  • 8 Reduces cholesterol

    Consuming dark chocolate has proven to decrease levels of LDL, 'bad cholesterol', and increase levels of 'HDL', 'good cholesterol'. 

  • 9 Reduces the risk of diabetes

    Consuming dark chocolate in moderation has shown to increase insulin sensitivity, which decreases the chances of getting diabetes. 

  • 10 Makes you live longer

    Researches at Harvard University found that eating dark chocolate adds 2 years to your life expectancy. 

  • 11 Treats coughs

    A component in chocolate called theobromine has shown to treat stubborn coughs. 

  • 12 Increases alertness

    Due to the component, flavanols, which is found in dark chocolate, the brain is given a power-boost, which increases alertness and concentration.

  • 13 Improves vision

    According to a research published in the journal 'Physiology and Behavior', those who consumed dark chocolate had better eyesight, which may be due to the increased blood flow to the brain and retina.