What are the benefits of sleeping on your back

  • 1 It is good for the back

    Sleeping on your back without a pillow is good for your spine and neck since it can help your spine remain in proper position throughout the night without any strain. See how to stop back pain.

  • 2 It's good for your neck

    Provided that you don't use lots of pillows, sleeping on your back can be good for your neck since it allows it to rest in a proper position throughout the night.

  • 3 Less wrinkles

    Sleeping without allowing the face to come in contact with the pillow can lead to fewer wrinkles. Sleeping on the back can reduce the pressure on various parts of the face and so lead to less wrinkles. See how to slow down the aging process.

  • 4 Prevents acid reflux

    Sleeping on the back can help prevent acid reflux from happening during sleep, and can thus lead to better sleep.

  • 5 It reduces back pain

    Sleeping on the back can help reduce back pain and can result in better sleep for those who wake up because of it. See how to have a good night sleep.

  • 6 Less movement while sleeping

    Sleeping on your back can help reduce the movements you make while sleeping. This can be useful if you are suffering from any kind of injury.

  • 7 Minimizes breast wrinkles

    Sleeping on the back can help maintain perky breasts since it minimizes the wrinkles around the breasts.

  • 8 You can wake up refreshed

    Some people suggest that sleeping on the back can result in good quality of sleep because it prevents people from moving a lot while they are asleep. See why some people cover their faces with a blanket when they sleep.

  • 9 Good blood circulation

    When you sleep on your back, you won't be pressing on a specific limb or part of your body so blood will be flowing to all parts of your body well and you might have a better quality of sleep as a result. See also why you sleep too much.