What are the benefits of studying psychology

    What are the benefits of studying psychology

  • 1 Learning how people think

    People who go deep in psychology usually have better people understanding skills. This helps them avoid many conflicts, come close to the right ones and stay away from the wrong ones .

  • 2 Getting a deep level of self understanding

    A person who studies psychology usually manages to understand his feelings and emotions better. As a result this person becomes more capable of fighting bad moods and of living a better life .

  • 3 Better conflict resoloution skills

    A person who understands the intention of others correctly usually has a better chance of resolving conflicts. Psychology can help a person know why a certain person is acting in a certain way and so it can help him deal with him better .

  • 4 Better understanding of marketing

    A great part of marketing is based on psychology. A person who studies psychology can understand how to influence people and so might get a better understanding of marketing and the business world in general .

  • 5 Becoming more influencial

    A person who studies psychology usually understands what makes people tick. As a result that person can gain more power, become more popular or become more influential .

  • 6 Getting a better understanding of relationships

    People who study psychology usually get a better understanding of relationships, become more resilient to breakups and find it easier to choose the right person for them .

  • 7 Understanding how things work

    So many things in the world can be understood in the light of psychology. The mysterious popularity of certain products or people, the reason some people act in a certain way or the reason some people like some products while others don't are among the things psychology can explain .

  • 8 Helping others feel better

    People who study Psychology usually manage to help their friends and relatives feel better. Because those people understand bad moods and their causes they usually can help others get over them or at least feel better .

  • 9 Understanding management better

    Because management involves people Psychology can enable a person to better manage others. When a person understands the drives that motivates others it becomes better for him to manage them .

  • 10 Becoming more resistant to mental illnesses

    People who don't understand how their minds work are more likely to suffer from certain mental illnesses than those who understand the dynamics. When a person understands how a certain mental illness happens he usually becomes more resistant to it .

  • 11 Gaining more social influence

    Most people feel good when they find a psychologist friend they can talk to. By telling the psychologist about their problems those people usually feel better. A person who studies psychology usually finds himself gaining more social influence .

  • 12 Predict future behavior of individuals and groups

    A person who studies psychology can in many cases predict the next step of a person or a group of people. Psychology enables a person to understand the intentions of others and so can help him predict their next step .

  • 13 Becoming better at product design

    Every popular product that appealed to people did so because of certain psychological reasons. Once a person understands how people think his ability to design a product that they like becomes much higher .

  • 14 Increasing the chance of business success

    The Business world has a lot to do with psychology. Marketing, sales, management and many other business practices and strongly connected to psychology. A person who learns psychology can have a better chance of running a business or starting one .

  • 15 Developing better communication skills

    A person who studies psychology usually learns the different effective communication strategies and so becomes more able to communicate better with people .