What are the body language signs of confidence

  • 1 Clasping hands in front of the stomach

    According to body language, clasping the hands in front of the stomach is a sign of confidence.

  • 2 Clasping hands behind the back

    According to body language, a person claps both his hands behind his back when he unconsciously believes that he is too capable that he doesn't need to use his hands right now.

  • 3 Standing upright

    A confident person usually stands upright with a straight back and legs firmly planted on the ground with a bit of a wide space between the legs (See body language of the Back).

  • 4 Hands clasped behind the head

    When a person feels too confident or superior he might put both of his hands behind his head.

  • 5 Putting one leg over another

    When a person feels confident he might put one leg over another in such a way that the leg on top is placed in a horizontal position. This is much more common with males than females who just place one leg over another without making the one on top horizontal.

  • 6 No fidgeting

    A person who feels anxious or unsure of himself usually fidgets and changes his position often. A confident person is more likely to remain calm and relaxed (See body language of anxiety).

  • 7 Walking with wide steps

    A confident person will usually walk with wide and fast steps because he is not afraid to encounter whatever he is moving towards.

  • 8 No folded arms or crossed legs

    In body language, both folded arms and crossed legs indicate insecurity and uncertainty. In a confident state, a person is less likely do any of those actions.

  • 9 Proper eye contact

    A confident person will maintain proper eye contact most of the time while communicating with others. People who don't maintain proper eye contact might not be feeling very confident.

  • 10 Finger tips touching

    A person who feels confident might bring his palms close together that his fingertips touch each other.

  • 11 Taking up space

    A person who feels confident will usually take more space. In body language, a shrunken body or a slouched back might indicate lack of confidence.

  • 12 A firm handshake

    A confident person will usually give a firm handshake where a slight pressure is felt by those shaking hands with him.

  • 13 Open gestures

    A person who feels confident or relaxed will maintain open gestures where he won't fold his arms or place an object in front of his body like a bag, for example.

  • 14 Combining gestures together

    More than one gesture can be combined together to reflect a more powerful state of confidence. A person. for example. can place both of his hands behind his head while putting one leg over the other and keeping his back straight.