What are the causes of dandruff

  • 1 Shedding of dead skin cells

    Shedding dead skin cells happens regularly. However, when the scalp is too oily, the dead skin cells merge with the oil and form white flakes. 

  • 2 Using hair products

    People respond differently to hair products. Some may experience dandruff as a result of a certain hair product that their scalp isn't accepting. 

  • 3 Due to dry skin

    Living in cold weather and being exposed to overheated rooms results in itchy, dry skin and leads to dandruff. 

  • 4 Due to oily skin

    Some people have more oily skin than others. These people are more prone to dandruff as it appears more commonly on oily scalps. 

  • 5 Not brushing their hair

    People who don't brush their hair regularly are more prone to dandruff, as brushing helps get rid of dry skin and prevent it from culminating into dandruff. 

  • 6 Not using enough shampoo

    Not using enough shampoo may lead to dandruff as the dead skin and excess oil are not getting rid of. However, some experts are skeptic about this reason. 

  • 7 Due to skin conditions

    People with certain skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema may suffer from dandruff.

  • 8 Due to lack of nutrition in diet

    Experts believe dandruff may be caused by the lack of zinc, B vitamins, and some types of fats in some diets. 

  • 9 Due to stress

    Experts believe stress is one of the underlying reasons behind dandruff. 

  • 10 Due to some illnesses

    A connection between dandruff and patients with Parkinson's disease and other neurological illnesses was found. 

  • 11 Due to weak immune systems

    It has been found that some people with weak immune systems are more likely to have dandruff than other people.

  • 12 Linked to recovery

    Some people who are recovering from recovering from strokes or heart attacks may suffer from dandruff. 

  • 13 Due to overgrowth of yeast

    People who are sensitive to yeast are more likely to suffer from dandruff.