What are the differences between Google Pixel and iPhone 7

    What are the differences between Google Pixel and iPhone 7

  • 1 iPhone has a better design

    While Apple hasn't drastically changed the design of the iPhone 7, it still has an edge over the design of Google Pixel. iPhone 7 features a metal design, whereas Google Pixel combines metal and glass with a glass panel on its back. 

  • 2 Both have fingerprint sensors

    iPhone 7's touch ID fingerprint scanner is installed in the home-button key, while Google Pixel has a fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone. See What are the differences between iPhone 6s and iPhone 7

  • 3 iPhone 7 is more water resistant

    Google Pixel protects against water splashing, while iPhone 7 is water and dust resistant and can be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes. 

  • 4 iPhone 7 is thinner and lighter

    The iPhone 7 is slightly thinner and lighter than the Google Pixel. iPhone 7 weighs 138g, while Google Pixel weighs 143g.

  • 5 iPhone 7 comes with bigger storage

    Both iPhone 7 and Google Pixel come with 32GB and 128GB storage, but iPhone 7 additionally comes with 256GB storage.

  • 6 iPhone 7 has no headphone jack

    Apple decided to ditch the headphone jack and replace it with a lightning port to charge the phone and listen to music at the same time. Google Pixel has the 3.5mm headphone jack directly incorporated in the phone. 

  • 7 Google Pixel has a slightly longer battery life

    Both phones almost have identical battery life; however, Google Pixel lasts around 20% longer with heavy use due to it long-lasting 2770 mAh battery than the iPhone 7 that has a standard 1960 mAh battery. 

  • 8 Google Pixel has a better display

    Google Pixel has a bigger screen (5-inch), while iPhone 7 has a 4.7 inch display. The Google Pixel is also more vibrant and vivid thanks to its AMOLED display. 

  • 9 iPhone 7 has a better performing hardware

    Both the iPhone 7 and Google Pixel have quad-core processors. Pixel includes 4GB of RAM, while iPhone 7 has 2GB of Ram; however, in performance and speed tests, the iPhone 7 out-performed Google Pixel. 

  • 10 Google Pixel has a better grip

    Google Pixel's glass back provides a better firm grip than the slippery iPhone. 

  • 11 iPhone 7 comes in more colors

    The iPhone 7 comes in the colors silver, gold, rose gold, black and jet black. Google Pixel, however, only comes in black, silver and blue. See Why some people think the iPhone is the best phone

  • 12 Image quality is similar

    iPhone 7 has a 12MP camera with f/1.8 aperture, while Google Pixel also has a 12MP but with f/2.0 aperture. Both cameras, however, produce great pictures with almost identical quality.