What are the health benefits of milk

    What are the health benefits of milk

  • 1 It's good for the bones

    Bone health is one of the most common benefits of milk, as it's rich in calcium, an essential mineral for good and healthy bones. See also What are the health benefits of drinking tea

  • 2 It's good for the heart

    Since milk contains potassium, it can decrease the chances of getting heart disease. 

  • 3 May prevent cancer

    Some studies have shown that ovarian cancer may be prevented by an increased consumption of milk and lactose from dairy products. In addition, according to research by the National Cancer Institute, risks of colorectal cancer was reduced by a high calcium intake in some cases. See also Health benefits of oranges

  • 4 Its Vitamin D can fight depression

    Vitamin D is known to increase the levels of serotonin, the hormone responsible for a person's moods. Since milk is rich in Vitamin D, it can help alleviate a person's mood. 

  • 5 It helps in muscle building

    Cow milk is rich in protein, which is essential for muscle building.

  • 6 It's good for the teeth

    Since milk is rich in calcium and potassium, it is beneficial for the formation and development of healthy teeth. 

  • 7 It may prevent obesity

    Research showed that it's more likely for people who consume milk and dairy products to be slimmer than those who don't. Studies have also shown that including milk and dairy products in diets can lead to weight loss.

  • 8 Reduces the risk of diabetes

    Studies have shown that the intake of low fat dairy products on a regular basis may help decrease the chances of type 2 diabetes. See also What are the health benefits of cinnamon

  • 9 Keeps the body hydrated

    A study in the US has shown that drinking chocolate milk after an intense workout helped the body recover. Milk in general is considered a good option for staying hydrated. 

  • 10 It's good for the skin

    Milk is rich in lactic acid which is a good skin exfoliant, and enzymes that are good for providing smooth skin. Milk can also moisturize skin since it contains amino acids. See also 12 health benefits of mangoes

  • 11 It lowers stress

    Having a glass of warm milk after a long, tiring day relaxes tense muscles and brings down stress levels. 

  • 12 It treats PMS symptoms

    Since milk has a relaxing effect on the body, it reduces the PMS symptoms that some women experience during their menstrual cycle.

  • 13 It's an energy booster

    Drinking a glass of cold milk when the body is lacking energy will replenish the body and give it an energy boost.