What are the side effects of No-Xplode

    What are the side effects of No-Xplode

  • 1 Insomnia

    People who work out in the afternoon and consume No-Xplode late usually have problems falling asleep. No-Xplode makes the mind extremely alert, increases the heart rate and makes it hard for a person to relax and sleep easily (See how to sleep well).

  • 2 Overloading the kidney

    No-Xplode is a very complex compound. The kidney needs to do a lot of work to clean the blood from harmful substances. Over using No-Xplode might harm the kidney on the long term.

  • 3 Can complicate heart problems

    People suffering from heart problems should avoid No-Xplode completely. The supplement forces the heart to work faster and as a result it might result in serious complications if someone already has heart issues (See what does no explode do).

  • 4 Headaches

    Headaches might be experienced as a result of the high blood pressure and the fast heart heart. While this is rare, still some people report getting Headaches after using it.

  • 5 Increase tension

    Some people become tense after using No-Xplode. Some people also report increased aggression.

  • 6 Feeling dizzy

    People who consume more than the recommended dose can feel dizzy and tired. When the heart is pushed beyond its limits, serious side effects may occur.

  • 7 Dehydration

    No-Xplode can lead to dehydration, which in turn can lead to muscle cramps. Fortunately this side effect can be easily controlled by consuming more water (See why you should consume more water).

  • 8 Diarrhea

    Some people report getting diarrhea when consuming No-xplode.

  • 9 Tingling skin

    Some people experience tingling sensations in their skin after consuming No-xplode. This is a simple side effect resulting from the amino acids in the product and usually goes away on its own (See how to slow down aging).

  • 10 Rapid heart rate

    No-Xplode increases the heart rate. Some people get an unpleasant feeling as a result of experiencing the increased heart beats.