What are the symbols of home?

    What are the symbols of home?

  • 1 The 'welcome' carpet

    The carpet sometimes sports a 'welcome' word on it for guests to see just as they are about to enter the house.

  • 2 The hearth

    The hearth represents home and community, warmth, safety and family life. It is a source of light, heat and food.

  • 3 The broom

    A broom is a piece of household equipment and thus symbolizes the home and new beginnings. In ancient Rome, houses were swept after funerals to remove bad spirits and bad luck.

  • 4 The cauldron

    The freestanding cooking pot, or cauldron, is a cross-cultural symbol of home. It also symbolizes transformation, mystical and magical power.

  • 5 Containing vessels

    Vases, jars, boxes, baskets and chests are also popular symbols of a home. They are also tied to the feminine principle due to the tendency of women to collect and store various things in them.

  • 6 Mirrors

    The mirror has many meanings, one of them being a symbol of home. In China, a mirror is a sign of harmony and happy marriage, with a broken mirror suggesting separation.

  • 7 Curtains

    Curtains symbolize separation between different realms, either opening them up or concealing them.

  • 8 The carpets of Arabia

    The carpets of Arabia are associated with home, and the colors and patterns used in their weaving are rich in symbolism. Every carpet has a deliberate mistake to illustrate the Islamic belief that only Allah can create perfection.

  • 9 Furniture

    Stools, chairs and tables are symbols of home too. A table is a focal point, a meeting place where people gather together to eat or talk.

  • 10 Slippers

    Comfortable slippers are a symbol of home, associated with relaxation and comfort the home provides.

  • 11 Cats and dogs

    Domestic cats and dogs are symbols of home, being the most popular household pets.

  • 12 Fireplace

    A fireplace is a symbol of home, being associated with light and warmth on cold nights.