What are some of the unexplained discoveries in science?

    What are some of the unexplained discoveries in science?

  • 1 Hastatic order

    Cooling the uranium compound URu2Si2 to near absolute zero provokes a strange reaction that creates a new property of matter. Particles arrange in such a way that it breaks double time-reversal symmetry which means you have to reverse back time 4 times to get molecule back to its original state .

  • 2 Variable constants

    According to the most accepted theories, the speed of light is a constant that cannot change. But recent analysis showed that light speed varies through interstellar clouds and vacuum. This discovery made it clear that nothing is an eternal constant in our universe .

  • 3 Ancient Europeans

    37 skeletons found in central Europe dating between 7500 and 2500 years ago have been analyzed, and revealed that the genetic lineage of Europeans suddenly transformed 4500 years ago. Ancient Europeans had dark skin and blue eyes which is very rare today .

  • 4 Tetra neutrons

    In 2001, at GANIL in France, an observation was made of something that should not exist according to our knowledge. A stable cluster of 4 neutrons bound together. This is a completely new type of matter and some say it could be the nuclei of 'element zero', the one missing from the periodic table .

  • 5 Ultra-energetic cosmic rays

    Ultra-high-energy cosmic rays have been observed to bombard the Earth but their source is unknown. They are breaking the laws of physics. Einstein assumed they should lose energy over time and distance .

  • 6 Placebo effect

    Doctors and scientists are still trying to figure out how a fake treatment can improve a patient's condition. So far, psychology has given us the best answer with psychoneuroimmunology .

  • 7 Kuiper cliff

    The Kuiper belt is a vast region at the edge of the Solar system where hundreds of millions of asteroids are being concentrated. In the middle is the 'Kuiper cliff', a huge area empty of asteroids due to an unknown force. This lead to beliefs that a 10th planet is orbiting our Sun inside the belt .

  • 8 C-value paradox

    A salamander can have 40 times more DNA than humans, who in turn have as many genes as a tomato. This lack of correlation between genome size and complexity of organisms is known as C-value paradox .

  • 9 Cold fusion

    Cold fusion is the same type of fusion happening at the center of stars but this one occurs at room temperatures. Evidence in 2007 and 2011 points out that we could solve our planet's energy issues with a working cold fusion solution .

  • 10 Dark matter and dark energy

    96% of the universe is made of dark matter (22%) and dark energy (74%). Everything we see around us belongs to the remaining 4%. We can observe their gravitational effects on us but so far we haven't been able to detect them directly .

  • 11 Quantum entanglement

    Two particles can be synced together and we can send one over a great distance, even to the other side of the universe. When we change the conditions of one particle, the other particle immediately change its conditions as well, being in perfect sync regardless of distance .

  • 12 Consciousness

    We know what it means to be conscious, but what exactly is consciousness? So far consciousness is the only thing that can be proven to a human being, everything else exists outside of his consciousness and can thus never be actually proven in the truest sense (see A list of incredible scientific discoveries).