What are web design guidelines for news and press releases?

    What are web design guidelines for news and press releases?

  • 1 Press releases should be posted on the website

    When interviewed, journalists said they want to find press releases on websites. This is their main way of learning about a new service or product.

  • 2 Feature the latest press release on main press page

    Journalists expect to find the latest press releases immediately when they navigate to the main press page.

  • 3 Feature outside news articles on your press page

    Journalists will appreciate anything that makes their jobs easier. Featured news articles from other news sources or newspapers should have a title, summary, date and name of publication.

  • 4 Press releases and news should be distinctive

    Press releases and news items written by outside sources should all be clearly separated and properly labeled so they don't confuse the journalist.

  • 5 Press releases should be bundled together

    All press releases should be accessible from a single page so a user can easily navigate them.

  • 6 Press releases should have dates next to them

    Displaying dates next to press releases helps users navigate the list, and also informs them of how current the information is.

  • 7 Newest press releases should be on top

    Press releases should be ordered chronologically so that the most relevant ones are at the top. This can be accomplished by ordering the press releases' list from newest to oldest.

  • 8 Display dates in an international format

    If the website doesn't have multi-lingual content, dates should be displayed in an international format. This can be accomplished by writing the month in text instead of numbers.

  • 9 Numerous press releases should be categorized

    If there are many press releases available, categorizing them according to their main topic can help users navigate them easier.

  • 10 Keep the press release and news' titles and descriptions short and informative

    Press releases and news' titles and descriptions should be short and informative so the users quickly find out what they are about. Try to put the most important keywords in the beginning of the title.

  • 11 Publish time-sensitive content as quickly as possible

    Time sensitive content, such as press releases and news should be published publicly as quickly as possible. Broadcast journalists expect such content to be available within minutes, rather than hours.

  • 12 Press releases should be interesting

    Press releases should only be published for content that is interesting to read, as it is a good way to get press coverage and attention from readers. Sending out a boring press release and an email can hurt the business.

  • 13 Keep an archive of press releases

    Having a press releases archive helps journalists who want to access older press releases.

  • 14 Make the press releases exclusively searchable

    Journalists sometimes wish to search only the content from press releases, excluding the rest of the website.

  • 15 Keep the press releases short

    Press releases should be short and to the point; maximum 2 pages-length, ideally 1 page-length.

  • 16 Marketing hype can damage credibility

    Using marketing slogans, jargon, buzzwords or cliches might not sit well with most journalists. Such content can damage the business' credibility.

  • 17 Explain technical terms

    If the press release contains highly technical terms, these should be simply explained or information on where to get definitions should be included.

  • 18 Emphasize how the topic affects clients

    Press releases should focus on explaining how exactly clients or the general public will be affected by the topic covered. The journalists need to frame the information in a way for the readers to care about it.

  • 19 Include information about the business at the end of a press release

    Each press release should end with a summary on the business, contact information and website address. This is often called the boilerplate.

  • 20 Finish with links to related content

    Press release and news should finish off with links to related content. This makes the website more interesting, engages users and increases page views.