What are web design guidelines for press information?

    What are web design guidelines for press information?

  • 1 Have an easily identifiable name for the press area

    By the best standards, the website area related to journalists should be called Press or Press Room.

  • 2 Press releases and related media should be in the same area

    Press releases should be bundled together with related media in the same area. This way journalists will quickly find all the required content and will avoid having to look for it elsewhere, which they rarely do.

  • 3 Press page should be accessible from homepage

    Journalists look for the press page link at the top or at the bottom of the homepage.

  • 4 Press page link should be noticeable

    The link leading to the press page should be quickly and easily found and not be visually obstructed by nearby elements.

  • 5 Press contact should be added in appropriate areas

    Press contact should be available on press pages, press releases, and together with general contacts.

  • 6 Specialized, titled contacts should be available if appropriate

    If the business is organized in such a way that it makes sense having specialized, multiple contacts available, list the titles next to them so people know who they are talking to.

  • 7 E-mail addresses should be personalized

    Eventually, people will need to talk to another person. Personalized contact information is much better than having general email addresses, such as pr@company.com. Such emails appear automated, unreliable and don’t appear to be going to a real, accountable person.

  • 8 Multiple similar contacts should have specialties listed

    When listing several contact names, journalists will differentiate easily between them if each person's specialty is mentioned.

  • 9 Note the language press contact speaks

    If the press contact speaks any foreign languages, make that information public. This will help foreigners who are trying to reach the business.

  • 10 Note the time zone and time the press contact is available

    It is important for foreigners to understand at what time they can call and expect an answer. Noting the time zone and working hours will make that clear.

  • 11 Do not require journalists to register so they can access the press content

    Journalists shouldn't register for any reason on the website. This puts them off, as it looks unwelcoming.

  • 12 Note how soon an e-mail response can be expected

    Journalists like to know when they can expect an e-mail response. Make note of that next to the e-mail contacts.