What do muslims think of Christians and Jews

  • 1 Christianity and Judaism are God sent

    The core of Muslim beliefs includes the belief that Islam, Christianity and Judaism are sent by one supreme God, Allah, to match people's specific needs at certain phases.

  • 2 A Muslim must believe in Christianity and Judaism

    Unless a Muslim believes in Christianity and Judaism as well as Islam, his faith would be incomplete and he is subject to going to hell. See Hell in Islam.

  • 3 Muslims believe the scriptures were edited by humans

    Muslims believe that the scriptures for both Christianity and Judaism were edited by uninspired human editors who changed some facts. For example, Muslims believe that Jesus was a human sent by God and that he was not a God.

  • 4 Adhering to corrupt scriptures lead to hell

    According to Muslim beliefs, if a person believes in the current Christian and Jew scriptures he would go to hell because both don't reflect the information that was present in the original scriptures.

  • 5 Original Christians and Jews will go to heaven

    Muslims believe that the original Christians and Jews who believed in the original scriptures that were revealed to them, before human editing took place, will go to heaven.

  • 6 Denying Allah and Mohamed leads to hell

    According to Muslim beliefs, if a person denies Allah or Mohamed, his last messenger, then he will go to hell. This includes Jews and Christians who witnessed Islam or heard about it but held on to the humanly-edited scriptures.

  • 7 It's a great sin to hurt a non-Muslim

    According to Islam, hurting a non-Muslim in any possible way is considered a big sin. Muslims were ordered to be good to all kinds of people, including those who don't share similar beliefs with them. See why some Muslims kill non Muslims.