What do people feel after Lasik surgery

    What do people feel after Lasik surgery

  • 1 Strong itching

    Right after the operation most people experience a strong itching feeling. The feeling can be very uncomfortable for some people. See how does the Lasik operation feel like.

  • 2 Feeling that something is in the eye

    Right after the Lasik operation many people feel as if something is inside their eyes. The feeling can be uncomfortable for some people.

  • 3 Intense desire to rub the eyes

    After the operation people usually experience an intense desire to rub their eyes. Rubbing the eyes after the operation is very dangerous and can complicate things.

  • 4 Blurry vision

    After the operation a person will usually have a blurry and a hazy vision. This can last for few days. 

  • 5 Pain for few days

    many people experience pain in their eyes in the first few days after the operation.

  • 6 A water drop causes a burning feeling

    A person will experience a burning feeling and an intense desire to rub his eyes if a water drop or a sweat drop entered his eyes. It's prohibited to get water inside the eyes for few weeks after the operation.

  • 7 Vision improves everyday

    Most people will experience a noticeable improvement in the first few days after the operation. Each day the vision will become sharper and better. See what a short sighted person sees.

  • 8 haloes around light

    After the Lasik operation people see haloes around lights. For example when a person looks at a lamp he will see glare around it and might see very long rays of light that can reach until the floor. 

  • 9 Your eyes will feel dry

    For weeks after the operation your eye might feel dry as it doesn't produce the original liquids it used to produce until it heals. This is why are drops are prescribed right after the operation.

  • 10 Problems seeing at night

    For few days after the operation it might be very hard to see at night because of the glare surrounding every source of light you will see.

  • 11 Light sensitivity

    You may become slightly more sensitive to light for weeks after the surgery.