What does Islam say about killing people

    What does Islam say about killing people

  • 1 It's a great sin to kill a human

    According to Islamic beliefs it's a great sin to kill a human being no matter what his religion is.

  • 2 The person who kills must be executed

    According to Islamic law if a person killed another the killer must be executed. According to Islam if a Muslim killed a non Muslim the Muslim should be executed.

  • 3 A normal person can't carry out the execution

    According to Islam's law the government or the ruler must carry out the execution order. A man can't kill another because the latter killed one of his family members. Instead the ruler must apply the law to prevent  chaos.

  • 4 Invaders should be killed

    According to Islamic law people have the right to defend themselves by killing the ones who invade their country. This doesn't extend to killing civilians in their homeland but it only applies to occupation forces.

  • 5 Infidels can't be killed

    According to Islamic law any person has the right to practice his own religion and a Muslim is never allowed to kill a non Muslim just because he has different religious beliefs.

  • 6 Killing people who drove you out of your land

    Early Muslims were killed and forced to leave their homeland. As a result they were allowed to fight back and kill the ones who killed their family members and drove them out of their homes.

  • 7 Killing is allowed in war

    If a country attacked another country then the ones defending themselves have the right to kill the attackers. See also why do Muslims fast.

  • 8 False interpretation of The verses about killing in Quran

    According to most Islamic scholars the verses about killing in the Quran refer to specific time periods of war where Muslims were allowed to fight the ones who expelled them from their hometowns . Those verses are usually misinterpreted by radical Islamists as an excuse to kill non Muslims.