What does death by dehydration feel like

  • 1 One of the organs might die

    As a result of lack of water, one of the internal organs might die; thus leading to the person's death.

  • 2 Some believe it's painless

    Some people believe that dehydration can be a painless way to die since the body releases certain chemicals, esters and ketones that numb the senses. It's important to note that humans who die in hospitals are already given pain killers that reduce the pain.

  • 3 Some believe it's painful

    According to some accounts of people who had their sick relatives die from dehydration, the experience seemed traumatic and they concluded their relatives were suffering.

  • 4 Parts of the skin change color

    As a result of low supply of water, blood flow can be limited to vital organs. Parts of the skin might change color or become blue.

  • 5 A heart attack could happen

    As a result of lack of water, a heart attack could happen leading to cardiac arrest which leads to death. See how freezing to death feels like.

  • 6 Cracks happen in the body

    The tongue swells and could crack, lips could crack and the lining of the nose could crack and thus cause bleeding.

  • 7 The skin becomes dry and scaly

    As the person experiences dehydration, the skin hangs on the body, becomes dry and scaly.

  • 8 Urine could burn the bladder

    As a result of dehydration, urine becomes very concentrated, and as a result, it could burn the bladder. 

  • 9 Vomiting could happen

    The lining of the stomach becomes dry and thus could lead to vomiting. See what does it feel like to die.

  • 10 Body temperature becomes very high

    As a result of lack of cooling, body temperature becomes very high.

  • 11 The lung could get plugged

    The respiratory tract dries out leading to secretions that could plug the lungs and cause death. See how death by strangling feel like.