What does it feel like to jump off a bridge

  • 1 Multiple brute force injuries

    Jumping off a high bridge and falling into water might result in multiple brute force injuries. The impact could be the same as the one you would experience if you got hit by a car.

  • 2 Your arms or legs might get fractured

    One third of the cases of the people who fell off the Golden Gate Bridge, which is 239-foot to 261-foot high, had their arms or legs fractured.

  • 3 Your ribs will get fractured

    The fracture of ribs is very common among people who fall off high bridges. There is a big chance that some or even all of your ribs will break as a result of the jump. 85% of those who fell off high bridges had broken ribs. See how does it feel like to get shot.

  • 4 Your vertebrae might get fractured

    15 percent of the cases of people who fell of Golden Gate Bridge had their vertebrae fractured. This type of fracture can be extremely painful. Shattering of the vertebrae is one of the common injuries that happens as a result of water impact.

  • 5 You might drown

    If you survive the impact with many injuries, you might not be able to swim and so you might die as a result of drowning. See how does it feel like to die drowning.

  • 6 Your bones might tear your organs

    As a result of the fractured ribs, your sharp bone fragments might tear your internal organs. The damage to the rib cage might also force the organs to become detached from their places. Your lung, heart, liver and other internal organs might rapture as a result.

  • 7 The injuries depend on the angle

    The angle of your fall will determine the types of injuries you will get and their severity. If you land on your legs, for example, they might break. See what does it feel like to die.

  • 8 You might die of internal bleeding

    If your internal organs get severed, you might die of internal bleeding. 

  • 9 You might survive

    While the percentage of survivors among those who jump is extremely low, there is still a slim chance of survival. In such a case, you might have to live with those injuries.

  • 10 It depends on the height of the bridge

    The height of the bridge can make a big difference in the impact force. The upper survival limit for humans tolerance when they jump in water is believed to be 186 feet. 

  • 11 Body will get eaten by sea animals

    Many of the bodies found later in water were consumed by sharks, crabs and other sea animals. 

  • 12 You will regret it in the air

    Many survivors said that they regretted the jump in mid air or as soon as they jumped. Regret happens if the jump was intentional.

  • 13 Hitting head first can kill instantly

    Hitting the water headfirst can kill right away, as the force of the impact might break the neck.