What does pupil dilation mean in body language

  • 1 The person saw something they like

    When a person sees something that they like, their pupil dilates. If a man saw a certain type of car that he likes then most probably his pupil will dilate.

  • 2 The person got attracted to someone

    Pupil dilation is among the common attraction signs in body language. When a person gets attracted to someone, their pupil might dilate. See signs someone likes you

  • 3 The person trusts you

    If a person started trusting you then their pupils might dilate. Pupil constriction, on the other hand, can be a sign of lack of trust.

  • 4 The person is thinking

    Pupil dilation can be a sign that the person is thinking about something. As a person gets lost in their thoughts, their pupils might dilate.

  • 5 The person is impressed

    When a person gets impressed by something, their pupils might dilate. According to body language experts, the pupil dilates to allow the person to see the thing that they like in a better way.

  • 6 The person is excited

    When someone becomes excited about something, their pupils might dilate. A teen might get dilated pupils when they play their favorite game.

  • 7 The person is aroused

    The pupils dilate when a person sees something that makes them aroused. If a person saw an attractive picture of someone then their pupils might dilate. 

  • 8 The person will make a bad decision

    According to a study, people's pupils dilate before they make a bad decision. This could be happening because the dilation means that the person is so excited and so not thinking rationally.