What does running in a dream mean

    What does running in a dream mean

  • 1 You want to achieve a certain goal

    If you're running towards a positive target in a dream, that could mean you have a goal in your life that you want to achieve and are willing to take on responsibilities. 

  • 2 You are ambitious

    Running in dreams could symbolize ambition and going through life with a positive attitude. 

  • 3 You have courage

    Running towards a target in dreams could mean you are courageous and don't fear facing challenging situations heads-on. 

  • 4 Signifies addictive or codependent situations

    If you're running towards a negative target, this could mean you are addicted or codependent on someone or something that you keep going back to such as an ex-partner. 

  • 5 Running away from someone

    If in the dream you're running away from someone or something, this means that you're subconsciously trying to escape a tough situation or trying to get away from someone who's giving you a hard time. 

  • 6 You feel guilty

    Running away from something might also mean that you feel guilty about something in your life. 

  • 7 Not confronting your fears

    Running away from something could mean that you have certain fears in your life which you don't want to confront or face. 

  • 8 You lack self-confidence

    Wanting to run in a dream but not being able to move your feet off the ground means you lack self-esteem or self-confidence. It could also mean you're feeling helpless or down.

  • 9 Running alone means you're motivated

    Running alone in a dream means you have motivation and you're determined to follow a certain goal. 

  • 10 Your future is connected to others'

    If you're running in a group with other people, it means your future is connected with other people's paths. It could also mean that you will experience a happy time together. 

  • 11 You will get rid of a threat

    Running from a wild animal in a dream means you're going to get rid of something that threatens you in your real life. 

  • 12 You need to slow down

    If you're running with no apparent goal, this could mean that you need to slow down the pace of your life and take things slowly.