What does the koran say about non muslims

    What does the koran say about non muslims

  • 1 They should be treated like muslims

    According to the Koran, Muslim's holly book, non Muslims shouldn't be treated differently than Muslims. For example lying to a Muslim is a sin and lying to a non Muslim is also a sin.

  • 2 Islam doesn't differentiate between people

    According to the Koran all people should be treated equally with the same level of fairness. According to Islam all humans are equal in the eyes of God when it comes to their rights.

  • 3 It's forbidden to kill a non muslim

    Killing in Islam is strictly forbidden. The Koran doesn't differentiate between killing Muslims or non Muslims. See what does Islam say about killing people.

  • 4 Non-Muslims are allowed to practice their religions

    The Koran says that in case of Islamic rule non Muslims should be left free to practice their religions. 

  • 5 Blasphemy is strictly forbidden

    The Koran orders Muslims to never engage in any kind of blasphemy no matter what the person's religion is. According to Koran it's forbidden to commit blasphemy against the God's of other religions. See also why Some Muslims kill non Muslims.

  • 6 Razing religious buildings is forbidden

    Muslims were ordered not to raze any kind of religious buildings and to allow non Muslims to practice their religions.

  • 7 Injustice is forbidden

    The Koran forbids any kind of injustice no matter what a person's religion is. It's totally forbidden for a Muslim to violate the rights of a non Muslim.

  • 8 Debating politely

    In case of a debate between a Muslim and a non Muslim about religion Muslims were ordered to debate polity. 

  • 9 Proof from Quran

    In Verse 75 Sura al Imran people who believe in religions were blamed by God for dealing with those who don't believe in their religion differently and claiming that God told them so.