What does the subconscious mind do

    What does the subconscious mind do

  • 1 Controls emotions

    All emotions come from the subconscious. Fear, anxiety and all the other emotions a person experiences are the direct result of the subconscious mind operating. This is why emotions seem to come out of nowhere (See why do we have emotions).

  • 2 Control involuntary body functions

    Respiration, heart-beat, sweating and other involuntary body functions are directly controlled by the subconscious mind. While some of the those functions can be consciously controlled, most of the time they are still controlled by the subconscious mind.

  • 3 Stores beliefs

    The subconscious mind is the place where beliefs are stored. The beliefs a person holds about anything reside in the subconscious mind. This is why some beliefs can't be changed easily even if they are illogical. (example: irrational fear of darkness).

  • 4 Memory storage

    The subconscious mind is the place where memory is stored. All the events that a person goes through are stored in the subconscious mind in the form of memory.

  • 5 Dreams come from the subconscious mind

    Most dreams come from the subconscious mind. Some theories state that dreams are nothing more than the loud thinking of the subconscious mind (See how to interpret dreams).

  • 6 Autopilot for habits

    The subconscious is the autopilot for many unconscious habits. For example, after some time, driving becomes a habit that a person rarely consciously thinks before stepping on the brakes or changing gears. The subconscious mind is responsible for the autopilot mode that controls many of our habits.

  • 7 Controls body language

    In most cases the body language of a person is directly affected by his subconscious mind, unless he decides to consciously control it.

  • 8 Responsible for love and hatred

    Love and hatred are two examples of the emotions the subconscious mind controls. The gut feelings we get as soon as we meet a person usually come from the subconscious mind's past experiences and beliefs.

  • 9 Controls everything that we don't become conscious of

    While the conscious mind is responsible for anything that we consciously notice, the subconscious mind controls everything else. Adding two numbers together to get a result will be done by the conscious mind, but feeling anxious before a presentation can be attributed to the subconscious mind.

  • 10 Responsible for motivation

    Motivation can only happen when the subconscious mind believes that the energy spent won't be wasted. When the subconscious mind believes in something it can easily motivate you to do it. This is why so many people fail to motivate themselves using logic.

  • 11 Directs you to the important things using emotions

    The subconscious mind uses emotions to direct people to important things. If, for example, you have an important exam in a few days then your subconscious mind might make you anxious in order to motivate you to study.

  • 12 It determines who you are

    Because the subconscious mind stores beliefs, controls behavior and emotions, it greatly determines who a person will become. This is why the best way for a person to change is to target his subconscious mind and not his conscious mind.