What happened to Elsie - Westworld

  • 1 Elsie was strangled by Bernard

    Elsie was strangled by Bernard as he attacked her from behind. The highest possibility is that she died of suffocation but some fan theories suggest that she might still be alive.

  • 2 Bernard took his orders from Ford

    Bernard is just a host made in Arnold's image and totally controlled by Ford. Ford was the one who ordered Bernard to kill Elsie. After he did it, Ford wiped his memory again to make him forget it.

  • 3 Bernard wasn't doing this intentionally

    Being controlled by Ford, Bernard was not doing this intentionally. This was proven when he felt bad after he accessed the memory where he strangled her.

  • 4 Elsie was about to discover Ford's plans

    Because Elsie was too curious and was asking many questions, Ford decided to let Bernard kill her so she doesn't find out about his plans and hidden intentions. 

  • 5 Elsie discovered an information leaking device

    Elsie discovered an information leaking device that was sending information out of the park. Had she been allowed to continue investigating, she would have ended up discovering what Ford is up to.

  • 6 Elsie is probably dead

    Given the level of control Ford has on Bernard, it's believed that Elsie is now dead as a result of being choked by him. See Westworld plot explained - Season 1.