What happens when you delete your Facebook account

    What happens when you delete your Facebook account

  • 1 It's not deleted right away

    Facebook delays deleting an account for 90 days in case the person changes their mind. If the person logs in during these 90 days, the account will be restored. 

  • 2 It's permanently deleted

    After the 90 days, your Facebook account is permanently deleted and cannot in any way be retrieved. 

  • 3 Account information isn't accessible

    Facebook takes 90 days to permanently remove a deleted account's information that are stored in backup systems. During the 90 days, the information isn't accessible to other people.  

  • 4 People won't be able to see it

    After deleting your account, people will no longer be able to see it on Facebook. 

  • 5 Messages are saved

    After deleting your account, your friends might still be able to see messages that were sent from your account. 

  • 6 Log records may be saved

    Facebook may save your log records after deleting your account but it will be disassociated from any information that personally identifies you. 

  • 7 A copy of your info can be downloaded

    When deleting your Facebook account, Facebook will give you the option to download a copy of your info.

  • 8 You lose access to connected apps

    Since most apps have the option to log in with Facebook and be connected via your Facebook account, when you delete your Facebook account, you will lose access to these apps, which might cause some logging in problems.